Yoga Teacher, Masseuse Co-Founder Be Still Wild Retreats

Yoga and Massage:

Alice is a Hatha-Raja Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker and Level 3 qualified Sports Masseuse that teaches public, private and corporate classes across Oxford and London. She also offers sports and deep tissue massage and Reiki at the Light Centre, Belgravia. 

A Hollistic Approach:
There is an intimate connection between mental, emotional and physical health.  Alice takes a holistic approach to treat each person as a whole; while bodywork relies on an intuitive touch, she underpins her treatments with a rigorous knowledge of anatomy from Sports Massage training. She believes that yoga is one of the best ways to release emotional and physical blockages through movement with breath.


My Wellness Journey: 
Alice has always loved massage - even at school, when it came to revision time she would be taught all she needed to know by her genius friends while massaging them! As someone that loves running around and using her body she loved her career as it began working for a hospitality start up.  However, as she was promoted to eventually become the Director she hated how sedentary her life became. Suffering from the common issues of back pain, lethargy and weight gain she started to dream of living a life that gave her flexibility in both time - and her body! She is now dedicated to helping others feel as good in their body and soul as possible. And wakes up everyday so grateful that the universe gave her the opportunity to follow a path that inspires and challenges in equal measures! 

Be Still Wild:
My sister and I created ‘Be Still Wild’ retreats and workshops to focus on ‘Wellness, Wilderness and Wild Happiness’. These are a series of events that bring together a collection of like minded people to practice yoga, eat delicious healthy food and and learn from teachers that inspire us. Each Be Still Wild we hope leaves everyone that attended feeling more energised, freer in themselves and inspired to go back to their lives and spread some joy. To visit our website and view upcoming retreats and workshops visit us here: www.bestillwild.com